Flexilet Agreement

Saving you time, hassle and money this is what our unique FLEXILET agreement is all about. Only six pages long and written in plain English it avoids the necessity for using solicitors. Read on to see other advantages to our FLEXILET Agreement:-

Easy In/Easy Out:

We offer a get out clause from 3-6 months meaning you can hand in your notice to vacate the unit
on the 1st of any month throughout the agreement.

No Middlemen:

You only deal direct with the landlord not with outside agents.

Cost Effective:

You are only responsible for the internal repair of the unit. We as landlords carry out regular
maintenance to the unit, site and common areas.


Your rent is payable monthly in advance reducing the pressure on cash flow.

Here and Now:

We pride ourselves with good customer service to our tenants. We are only a phone call away.


There is no hidden cost everything is explained up front.


Move to another of our FLEXILET units.